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Ecological and economic impact assessment of Sablefish aquaculture in British Columbia Liu, Yajie; Volpe, John; Sumaila, Ussif Rashid


DIRECTOR'S FOREWORD (Daniel Pauly). ABSTRACT. PREFACE. INTRODUCTION. ECOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF SABLEFISH AQUALCULTURE. Risk and potential impacts of farm escapees. Usefulness of passive surveys. Can sablefish escapes be effectively monitored? Epidemiological risk i - high density aggregates of adults. Epidemiological risk ii- high density aggregates of adults sympatric with juveniles. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF SABLEFISH AQUACULTURE. Background. Economics of potential impacts of sablefish farming: lessons from salmon aquaculture. Wild salmon fisheries and salmon aquaculture in B.C. Supply and demand effects of sablefish aquaculture. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. REFERENCES. APPENDICES. Appendix 1: Survey of some diseases and parasites relevant to sablefish aquauculture. Appendix 2: Literature cited in Appendix 1.

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