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Food web models and data for studying fisheries and environmental impacts on Eastern Pacific ecosystems Guénette, Sylvie; Christensen, Villy


Director's foreword -- Introduction (Sylvie Guenette and Villy Christensen) -- Ecosystem models of the Western and Central Aleutian Islands in 1963, 1979 and 1991 (Sheila J.J. Heymans) -- Ecosystem model of the eastern Aleutians and central Gulf of Alaska in 1963 (Sheila J.J. Heymans) -- Models of Southeast Alaska (Sylvie Guenette) -- Data sources and derivation of parameters for generalised Northeast Pacific Ocean Ecopath with Ecosim models (Dave Preikshot) -- Mass balance models of the Northern California Current (John Field and Robert Francis) -- Historical reconstruction of whale abundance in the North Pacific (Sylvie Guenette and Zarin Salter) -- Energy contents and conversion factors for sea lion's prey (Genevieve Cauffope and Sheila J.J. Heymans)

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