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Education for Aboriginal Fisheries Science and Ecosystem Management Haggan, Nigel; Brignall, Claire; Peacock, Brent; Daniel, Raychelle


DIRECTOR'S FOREWARD (Tony J. Pitcher). ABSTRACT. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. INTRODUCTION. Objectives. Organization of Report. CONTEXT AND STRATEGY. ECOSYSTEM SCIENCE - TRADITIONAL AND MODERN. Aboriginal Worldview – Chief Simon Lucas. New Ecosystem Science – Nigel Haggan. Ecosystem Role of Salmon – Stephen Watkinson. COASTS UNDER STRESS. Rosemary Ommer, Principal Investigator. WORKSHOP FINDINGS. Issues and Constraints. Linkages, Alliances and Partnerships. Building Capacity. Effective Recruitment Strategies. Student Support. LADDERING - PATHWAYS TO DIFFERENT QUALIFICATIONS AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. Get them young. Accreditation and Transferability. Easing the Transition. Employment. Recommendations. POST-SECONDARY PROGRAMME SURVEY. Environmental Scan. Institutions Offering Fisheries Programs. FIRST NATIONS EXPERIENCE WITH FISHERIES STUDIES / EDUCATION. Raychelle Daniel, Y’upik Nation. Panel Discussion. Interview Responses - Raychelle Daniel. North Coast – Teresa Ryan. Central Coast – Jacinda Mack. Central Interior – Arnie Narcisse. Lower Fraser – Kim Guerin. Vancouver Island – Rob Simon. HECATE STRAIT PROJECT: HOW DO WE INCORPORATE TEK. EXISTING EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND RESOURCES. Wilp Wilxo’skwhl Nisga’a (The Nisga’a House of Wisdom) – Deanna Nyce. UBC Department of Forestry – Gordon Prest, Sto:lo First Nation. Protectors of the Forest. Nicola Valley Institute of Technology – Paul Willms. Human Resources Development Canada – Gerry Kowalenko. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. DFO Fishery Officer – Gordon Point, Musqueam Nation Council. Other DFO Employment – Cameron West. BC Fisheries – Rob Simon. First Nations and Cooperative Programs – Arnie Narcisse BCAFC. ANNEXES. Annex ‘A’ Memorandum of Understanding Between BCAFC, UBC FC and UBC FNHL. Annex ‘B’ Workshop Opening Remarks. Annex ‘C’ Workshop Participants. Annex ‘D’ Workshop Facilitator’s Report. Annex ‘E’ BCAFC Annual General Assembly Resolution #18-01/26/01. Annex ‘F’ Dean’s Letter UBC Graduate Studies. Annex ‘G’ Aboriginal Post-Graduate Scholarship Programme. Annex ‘H’ Back To The Future. Annex ‘I’ Proposed First Nation Forestry Education Partnership Strategy.

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