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Back to the future : advances in methodology for modelling and evaluating past ecosystems as future policy goals Pitcher, Tony J.


Director's Foreword -- Introduction to the methodological challenges in Back-to-the-Future research (Tony J. Pitcher) -- A. Inputs to Models and Modelling Synoptic methods for constructing models of the past (Johanna J. Heymans and Tony J. Pitcher) -- What was the structure of past ecosystems that had many top predators? (Tony J. Pitcher) -- The problem of extinctions (Tony J. Pitcher) -- Challenging ecosystem simulation models with climate change: the ‘Perfect Storm’ (Tony J. Pitcher and Robyn Forrest) -- Tuning ecosystem models to past data (Richard Stanford) -- Dealing with migratory species in ecosystem models (Steve Martell) -- Estimating the effects of prey-predator vulnerability settings on Ecosim's dynamic function (Cameron Ainsworth) -- Policy search methods for back to the future (Cameron Ainsworth, Johanna J. Heymans and Tony J. Pitcher) -- Environmental archaeology: principles and case studies (Trevor Orchard and Quentin Mackie) -- How traditional knowledge can contribute to environmental research and resource management (Bill Simeone) B. Evaluation and Policy Goals Why we have to open the lost valley: criteria and simulations for sustainable fisheries (Tony Pitcher) -- Evaluating the ecological effects on exploited ecosystems using information theory (Johanna J. Heymans) -- Modifying Kempton’s biodiversity index for use with dynamic ecosystem simulation models (Cameron Ainsworth and Tony J. Pitcher) -- An index expressing risk of local extinction for use with dynamic ecosystem simulation Models (Wai Lung Cheung and Tony J. Pitcher) -- Back to the Future Methodology -- How do we value the restoration of past ecosystems? (Ussif Sumaila) -- Economic valuation techniques for Back-To-The-Future optimal policy searches (Cameron Ainsworth and Ussif R. Sumaila) -- An employment diversity index used to evaluate ecosystem restoration strategies (Cameron Ainsworth and Ussif R. Sumaila) -- Evaluating future ecosystems: a great step backward? (Nigel Haggan) -- Incorporating First Nations values into fisheries management: a proposal for discussion (Rashid Sumaila) -- Aboriginal Values (Simon Lucas) -- C. Community and Workshop Inputs -- How we carried out ‘Back-to-the-Future’ community interviews (Cameron Ainsworth) -- The community workshop: how we did it and what we learned from the results (Melanie D. Power, Nigel Haggan and Tony J. Pitcher) -- Round-Table discussions from a Back-to-the-Future Symposium at UBC, February 2002: Issues in Policy, Visualisation and Presentation (Melanie D. Power and Tony J. Pitcher) -- Rapporteurs’ report on discussion at the Back-to-the-Future Symposium, UBC, February 2002(Amy Poon and Yvette Rizzo) -- ANNEX -- Back-to-the-Future Symposium Programme, February 2002

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