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Reinventing fisheries management Pitcher, Tony J.


Acknowledgements and Dedication -- OVERVIEWS OF REINVENTING FISHERIES MANAGEMENT -- Reinventing Fisheries Management: the Symposium (Tony Pitcher) -- Synopsis of the Symposium (Craig Harris) -- New contexts, New tools (Nigel Haggan) -- Reinventing the Tree (Nigel Haggan) -- THE LARKIN LECTURE -- Fisheries management after 2000: will new paradigms apply? (Abstract) (John Caddy) ABSTRACTS AND DISCUSSION THEME 1: THE PRODUCTION BASE AND ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT -- Keynote Address -- The trophic cascade and food web management (James Kitchell) -- Discussion Points of View -Theme 1 -- The control of undesirable introduced species in small freshwater lakes: what we should learn from past experiments (Pierre Magnan) Constraints on the intensity of trophic linkages in lake food webs (Bill Neill) -- Ecosystem management: the next step (Daniel Pauly & Villy Christensen) -- The understanding and prediction of marine production: considerations for the future (James Scandol) A new method to identify individual natal stream sources of salmonids and migration patterns of fish (poster) (Sam Wang & R.Brown) Using mass-balance (ECOPATH) food web models to structure dynamic (ECOSIM) simulation models (demonstration) (Carl Walters, Villy Christensen & Daniel Pauly) -- General Discussion of Theme 1 (Kathy Heise & Alida Bundy) THEME 2: ASSESSMENT, RISK AND ADAPTIVE MANAGEMENT -- Keynote Address -- Rediscovering adaptive management: a framework linking science and decision making in a reinvented fisheries management (Keith Sainsbury) -- Discussion Points of View - Theme 2 -- An overview of tuna assessment and management world wide (Alain Fonteneau) Predictive models of growth, survival and reproduction (Jarl Giske) Benefits of taking uncertainties into account when making decisions in fisheries management: example applications of Bayesian decision analysis (Randall Peterman) Intelligent fisheries assessment in an uncertain world (Laura Richards) -- Fixed exploitation rate strategies for coping with effects of climate change (Carl Walters & Ana Parma) -- General Discussion of Theme 2 (Alida Bundy & Kathy Heise) THEME 3: THE ROLE OF POLICY IN RESPONSIBLE FISHING -- Keynote Address -- People, purses and power - some features of the debate surrounding a developing fisheries policy for South Africa (Kevern Cochrane) -- Discussion Points of View - Theme 3 -- Regime formation and community participation in fisheries management (Craig K.Harris) Measuring the immeasurable: multivariate interdisciplinary method for determining the health of fisheries (Tony Pitcher, David Preikshot, Daniel Pauly & Alida Bundy) Politics and fisheries (Gert van Santen) -- Modifications of Scotian Fundy groundfish management for sustainable use (Michael Sinclair) -- A new paradigm for managing marine fisheries in the next millennium (Michael Sutton) -- First world foreign fishing and third world fisheries: impact on resources, economy and society (poster) (Alida Bundy & Tony Pitcher) -- General Discussion of Theme 3 (Dave Preikshot & Steven Mackinson) THEME 4: THE ROLE OF THE INTERFACE BETWEEN THE SOCIAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES -- Keynote Address -- Fisheries management: science and decision making (David Policansky) Discussion -- Points of View - Theme 4 -- For fishers or fishes?: a comment on the development of an interdisciplinary science of fisheries and fisheries management (Tony Davis) -- A bridge over troubling waters? Strategies for integrating natural and social science for sustainable fisheries (Lawrence Felt) -- Enlarging the shadow of the future - avoiding conflict and conserving fish in a novel management regime off South Devon, UK (Paul Hart) -- Fisheries management: a role for social science? (Svein Jentoft) Observations on the social science of fleet dynamics and local knowledge (Thomas McGuire) General Discussion of Theme 4 (Steven Mackinson & Dave Preikshot) THEME 5: THE ROLE OF ECONOMIC TOOLS IN REINVENTING FISHERIES MANAGEMENT -- Keynote Address -- Fisheries management, politics and markets Rogenvaldur Hannesson Discussion -- Points of View - Theme 5 -- New directions in fishery management: lessons from the collapse of Atlantic Canada's groundfish fishery (Anthony Charles) -- Natural assets and national wealth (Philip Neher) Cooperation and Quotas (Anthony Scott) Linking fish price and fishery practice through eco-certification, labelling and crediting (John Sproul) Uncertainty and the role of economics in reinventing fisheries management (Rashid Sumaila) General Discussion of Theme 5 Dave Preikshot & (Steven Mackinson) THEME 6: THE ROLE OF INSTITUTIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS -- Keynote Address -- Aquatic resources education for developing world needs (Meryl Williams) -- Discussion -- Points of View - Theme 6 A fisheries agreement with the Nisga's people: the first step towards a sustainable fishery and fishery management system (Michael Link)

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