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Harvesting krill : ecological impact, assessment, products & markets Pitcher, Tony J.; Chuenpagdee, Ratana


Director's lntroduction (Tony Pitcher) -- CONTRIBUTED PAPERS : Modelling and data requirements for management of the Antarctic krill-based ecosystem (David Agnew) -- Fishery biology of Euphausia pacifica in the Japanese waters (Yoshinari Endo) -- The CCAMLR experience (Inigo Everson) -- Putting krill into ecosystem models (Astrid Jarre-Teichmann) -- Acoustic estimation of krill abundance utilizing volume scattering measurements (Michael C. Macaulay) -- Exploitation and management of Antarctic krill (Denzil G.M. Miller and David J. Agnew) -- Bycatch of juvenile fishes the Antarctic krill fishery (Carlos A. Moreno) Development of the krill fishing industry (Stephen Nicol) Biological information necessary for the management of the Antarctic krill fishery Stephen Nicol -- Using the Ecopath II approach to assess krill biomass and dynamics (Daniel Pauly) -- Comparisons of repeat acoustic surveys in Jervis Inlet, British Columbia, 1994- 1995 (S.J. Romaine et al.) -- Overview of the krill of the Gulf of St.Lawrence (Yvan Simard) -- The importance of euphausiids to a British Columbian coastal marine ecosystem (R W. Tanasichuk) -- The influence of inter-annual variations in sea temperature on the population biology and productivity of euphausiids in Barkley Sound, Canada (R W. Tanasichuk) -- DISCUSSION PAPERS -- Three components leading to an assessment of the potential yield of British Columbia krill stocks: a fishery manager's point of view (Jim Morrison) -- Summary of workshop discussion (addressing issues raised by Jim Morrison) (Taja Lee) -- List of participants Workshop agenda

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