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Back to the future : reconstructing the Hecate Strait Ecosystem Haggan, Nigel; Beattie, Alasdair I.; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


ABSTRACT -- DIRECTOR'S FOREWORD -- TONY J. PITCHER (FISHERIES CENTRE, UBC)-- PREFACE -- REPORT OF THE BTF WORKSHOP ON RECONSTRUCTION OF THE HECATE STRAIT ECOSYSTEM -- ALASDAIR BEATTIE, SCOTT WALLACE AND NIGEL HAGGAN (FISHERIES CENTRE, UBC) Abstract -- Introduction -- Box 1. The 'Back to the Future' approach -- Summary of Participant Input and Biomass Values -- Results -- Unanswered questions -- References -- THE HECATE STRAIT: A PRELIMINARY PRESENT-DAY MODEL ALASDAIR BEATTIE (FISHERIES CENTRE, UBC) -- Abstract -- The Study area -- Modifications to the Southern B.C. Shelf Model -- Model inputs -- Results and Discussion -- Acknowledgements -- References -- AN ANNOTATED LIST OF TSIMSHIAN (SM'ALGXAX) WORDS PERTAINING TO THE MARINE ECOSYSTEM -- STEPHEN WATKINSON (FISHERIES CENTRE, UBC) -- Abstract Introduction -- The Dictionary Discussion -- Acknowledgements -- References. HAIDA NAMES AND UTILIZATION OF COMMON! F I SH A N D MARINE MAMMALS R. Russ JONES (HAIDA GWAII) Abstract -- Introduction Description by Animal Group or Species -- The dictionary -- Acknowledgements -- References -- ESTIMATING LINGCOD BIOMASS IN HECATE STRAIT USING STOCK REDUCTION ANALYSIS STEVE MARTELL (FISHERIES CENTRE, UBC) -- Abstract -- Introduction -- The data -- Stock parameters and the age structured model.Results and discussion. A note on some problems, and their remedies. Acknowledgements References APPENDIX I. LIST OF PARTICIPANTS APPENDIX II. ECOPATH OUTPUTS APPENDIX M . GENERAL INDEX

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