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Assessment of Hong Kong's inshore fishery resources Pitcher, Tony J.; Watson, Reg; Courtney, Anthony; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


Executive Summary -- Introduction -- Methods -- Biomass estimation methods -- Catch estimation methods -- Single species assessment methods -- Length weight relationship -- Growth rates -- Mortality rates -- Total mortality rate Z -- Natural mortality rate, M -- Offshore migration rate, G -- Fishing mortality rate, F -- Yield-per-recruit analysis -- Reference points for single species assessments -- Approximate methods for sustainable yields -- Multi-species bio-economic assessment method -- Value-per-Recruit analysis -- Spatial analysis and sustainability indices -- Ecosystem analysis methods -- Uncertainty in parameters -- Results and Discussion -- Biomass estimates Benthic Species -- Pelagic Species -- Biomass of assessed species from Hong Kong fleet catches -- Total aquatic resource biomass -- Catch estimates -- Single species assessments Summary of Assessments -- Single species assessments --Multi-species bioeconomic assessment -- Ecosystem analysis -- Assembly of trophic groups -- Results -- Scenario modelling -- References Cited -- List of Symbols and their definitions -- Figures

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