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Catching more bait: A bottom-up re-estimation of global fisheries subsidies (2nd version). Sumaila, Ussif Rashid; Pauly, Daniel


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD (Daniel Pauly). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. LIST OF ACRONYMS. CHAPTER 1. The nature and magnitude of global non-fuel fisheries subsidies (Khan, A.S., U.R. Sumaila, R. Watson, G. Munro and D. Pauly). CHAPTER 2. Fuel subsidies to global fisheries (Sumaila, U.R., L. Teh, R. Watson, P. Tyedmers and D. Pauly). CHAPTER 3. Subsidies to high seas bottom trawl fleets (Sumaila, U.R., A. Khan, L. Teh, R. Watson, P. Tyedmers and D. Pauly). CHAPTER 4. Overseas Development Assistance to fisheries as a subsidy (Alder, J., H. Fox and M. Jorge). CHAPTER 5. A historical account of Brazilian policy on fisheries subsidies (Abdallah, P.R. and U.R. Sumaila). APPENDICES. Appendix 1: Regional fisheries subsidy estimates by categories. Appendix 2: Global compendium of national fisheries subsidy programs.

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