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Decision making by commercial fishermen Pitcher, Tony J.; Ratana, Chuenpagdee


Director's Forward -- Organizer's Introduction -- Summary of the Discussion Sessions during the Workshop -- List of Participants -- Contribution Papers -- Catching horse mackerel off Chile: the influence of school behaviour and other fishermen (P. Hart) -- The ocean, the fish, and the fishermen: observations on the salmon troll fishery off the west coast of Vancouver Island (M. Healey) -- Fishing tactics in a two species fisheries model (D. Sampson) -- Decision making by B.C. commercial salmon fishery (D. Schutz) -- Fishermen's behaviour in response to management: a case study of Hawaii's lobster fishery (J. Sproul) -- Reducing uncertainty through technological innovation (K. Thom) -- Importance of effort response predictions in policy design and assessment C. Walters Fisheries Centre Workshop Series

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