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Bycatches in fisheries and their impact on the ecosystem Pitcher, Tony J.; Chuenpagdee, Ratana


Director's Foreword -- (Tony J.Pitcher) -- Workshop Agenda -- Section I: Ecological and Economic Impact of Bycatches on Fisheries -- Session Summary (Peter Larkin) -- The bycatch problem from an economic perspective (Joe Terry) -- Bycatch mortality impacts and control for Pacific halibut (Bruce Leaman) -- Three proposed solutions to bycatch and discard in the North Pacific: focus on the U.S. rocksole fishery (John Gauvin and Joe Blum) -- Section II: Bycatches and Trawl Fisheries -- The Pacific groundfish trawl fisheries: bycatch problem and potential solutions (Barry Ackerman) -- Research and development efforts in bycatch elimination in trawl fisheries of British Columbia (Douglas March) -- Development of by-catch reducing trawl gears in NSW's prawn trawl fisheries (Steven Kennelly) -- Use of a semi-pelagic trawl in a tropical demersal trawl fishery (David Ramm) Section III: Bycatches and Passive Gear Fisheries -- World bycatches of sharks in high-seas fisheries: appraising the waste of a resource Ramon Bonfil -- Management of bycatch in hook-and-line groundfish fisheries off Alaska (Janet Smoker) -- Bycatch of steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and coho (O. kisutch) in the Skeena river sockeye (O. nerka) fishery (Joel Sawada and Art Tautz) -- Section IV: Bycatches and Purse-seine Fisheries -- Bycatches in purse-seine fisheries (Martin Hall) -- Bycatch in B.C. purse-seine fisheries: recent experiences in south coast chum salmon fisheries -- (Paul Ryall) -- Reducing by catch through gear modifications: the experience of the tuna-dolphin fishery (Harold Medina) -- Section V: Towards solving the bycatch problem -- Bycatch strategies: some success stories and promising approaches (Brad Warren) -- A classification of bycatch problems and some approaches to their solutions (Martin Hall) -- Section 6: Summary of working groups Technology (Steve Kennelly) -- Policy and Attitudes (Andrew Trites) -- List of Participants -- Fisheries Centre Workshop Series

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