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Fishes in databases and ecosystems: Proceedings of the 2006 FishBase Symposium. Palomares, Maria Lourdes D.; Stergiou, Konstantinos I.; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD. PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE FISHBASE MINI-SYMPOSIUM. Scientific impact of FishBase: a citation analysis (Konstantinos I. Stergiou and Athanassios C. Tsikliras). Analysis of common names of Brazilian freshwater fishes (Kátia M.F. Freire). Prominence trend in maximum lengths recorded for fishes: a preliminary analysis (Nicolas Bailly). Age and growth of Mediterranean marine fishes (Konstantinos I. Stergiou, Athanassios C. Tsikliras, Charalambos A. Apostolidis). Trophic levels of north Aegean Sea fishes and comparisons with those from FishBase (Paraskevi K. Karachle, Konstantinos I. Stergiou). Distribution ranges of commercial fishes and invertebrates (Chris Close, William Cheung, Sally Hodgson, Vicky Lam, Reg Watson, Daniel Pauly). RELICT PAPERS. A preliminary list of English common names for as yet unnamed fish families (Maria Lourdes D. Palomares, Nicolas Bailly, Rainer Froese, Daniel Pauly). Growth, reproduction and food of the mudskipper, Periophthalmus barbarus on mudflats of Freetown, Sierra Leone (Ibrahim Turay, J. Michael Vakily, Maria Lourdes D. Palomares, Daniel Pauly). Note on the weight of body parts, including fins, of the smalltooth sawfish Pristis pectinata (Daniel Pauly). An overview of biological data related to anchovy and sardine stocks in Greek waters (Stylianos Somarakis, Dimitrios E. Tsianis, Athanassios Machias, Konstantinos I. Stergiou). A comparison of growth parameters of Australian marine fishes north and south of 28° South (Claire Andersen, Daniel Pauly). Growth parameters and length-length relationships of Greek freshwater fishes (Platonas K. Kleanthidis, Konstantinos I. Stergiou). Assessment of growth and apparent population trends in Grand Canyon native fishes from tag-recapture data (Carl Walters, Michael Douglas, William R. Persons, Richard A. Valdez). Effects of lake and pond aeration on fish growth and related processes (Daniel Pauly).

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