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On the multiple uses of forage fish: From ecosystems to markets. Alder, Jackie; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD (Daniel Pauly). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Jackie Alder and Daniel Pauly). CHAPTER 1. Fisheries for forage fish, 1950 to the present (Reg Watson, Jackie Alder and Daniel Pauly). CHAPTER 2. Human consumption of forage fish (Jackie Alder and Daniel Pauly). CHAPTER 3. Marine mammal and seabird consumption of small pelagic fishes (Kristin Kaschner, Vasiliki Karpouzi, Reg Watson, and Daniel Pauly). CHAPTER 4. Fishmeal and fish oil: Production, trade and consumption (Brooke Campbell and Jackie Alder). CHAPTER 5. Global dispersion of dioxin: A spatial dynamic model, with emphasis on ocean deposition (Dirk Zeller, Shawn Booth, Vicky Lam, Sherman Lai, Chris Close and Daniel Pauly). CHAPTER 6. Ecosystem modeling of dioxin distribution patterns in the marine environment (Villy Christensen and Shawn Booth). CHAPTER 7. Synthesis: On the multiple uses of forage fishes (Jackie Alder).

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