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Reconstruction of marine fisheries catches for key countries and regions (1950 - 2005) Zeller, Dirk; Pauly, Daniel


Director’s foreword. Canada's arctic marine fish catches (Shawn Booth and Paul Watts). Marine fish catches in North Siberia (Russia, FAO Area 18) (Daniel Pauly and Wilf Swartz). National conflict and fisheries: reconstructing marine fisheries catches for Mozambique (Jennifer L. Jacquet and Dirk Zeller). Putting the ‘United’ in the United Republic of Tanzania: reconstructing marine fisheries catches (Jennifer L. Jacquet and Dirk Zeller). Reconstructing catches of marine commercial fisheries for Brazil (Kátia M. F. Freire and Thiago L. S. Oliveira). A reconstruction of Colombia’s marine fisheries catches(Jeffrey Wielgus, Dalila Caicedo-Herrera and Dirk Zeller). Fisheries catch statistics for Mexico (Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez and Enrique Arcos-Huitrón). Reconstructed catches in the Mauritanian EEZ (Didier Gascuel, Dirk Zeller, Mahfoud O. Taleb Sidi and Daniel Pauly). Reconstruction of Greek marine fisheries landings: national versus FAO statistics (Athanassios Tsikliras, Dimitrios Moutopoulos and Konstantinos Stergiou). Multivariate analysis of fisheries catch per day in Greek waters (Konstantinos Stergiou, Athanasios Machias, Stylianos Somarakis and Argyris Kapantagakis). Country disaggregation of catches of former Yugoslavia (Yvette Rizzo and Dirk Zeller). Country disaggregation of catches of the former Soviet Union (USSR) (Dirk Zeller and Yvette Rizzo).

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