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A synthesis of research activities at the Fisheries Centre on eco-system based fisheries modelling and assessment with emphasis on the Northern and Central Coast of BC Guenette, Sylvie; Christensen, Villy; Hoover, Carie; Lam, Mimi E.; Preikshot, David; Pauly, Daniel


DIRECTOR'S FORWARD. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. 1. Introduction. 2 Comprehensive catch as a pre-requisite to ecosystem-based management. 2.1. Problem statement, with emphasis on BC. 2.2. Methods for estimating unreported catches. 2.3. Native fishery and First Nations footprint at European contact. 3. Ecosystem modelling. 3.1. Ecopath with Ecosim. 3.2. Ecosystem delineation. 3.3 Available models of the northeast Pacific. 3.4. Questions that have been addressed. 4. Rebuilding value and Back To The Future approach. 4.1. Local and traditional environmental knowledge. 4.2. Models developed. 4.3. Including long-term climate. 4.4. Fleet dynamics. 4.5. Policy search. 5. Ecosystem status. 6. Socio-economic models. 6.1. Valuations of 'goods and services' from the marine environment. 6.2. Socio-economic models of resource use. 6.3. BC case studies of valuation. 7. Conclusion. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. REFERENCES.

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