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Growth and distribution of port-based global fishing effort within countries’ EEZs from 1970 to 1995 Gelchu, Ahmed; Pauly, Daniel


DIRECTOR'S FORWARD. ABSTRACT. INTRODUCTION. The first industrialization and expansion of fisheries (1870s-1950). The second industrialization and expansion of fisheries (1950 - circa 1980). The emergence of state jurisdiction regime in fisheries management (1970–1980s). Fishing effort overcapacity. Fishing effort definition in this study. The role of fishing effort parameter in fisheries management. The rationale for studying spatio-temporal evolution of global fishing effort. Approaches used for modeling spatial distribution of fishing effort. Study area. Scope of the study. Aims of the study. MATERIALS. Assembling global fishing effort database. Disaggregating former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia and South African fleets. Data on mean number of days fisher per year. Global maritime ports database. METHODS. Estimating temporal changes in the efficiency of fishing fleets. Modeling spatial distribution of port-based fishing effort. Fishing effort break down by ports (gravity model 1). Relative importance of maritime ports. Application of qualitative filter criteria. Distribution of port-based fishing effort (gravity model 2). Model parameterization: gravity factor. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. The European-North American region fisheries. Background: industrialization of fisheries in Europe-N. American region. Relative status of countries in European-N. American region fisheries. Evolution of fishing effort in European-N. American region fisheries. Distribution of fishing effort in European-N. American region fisheries. Groundfish fisheries. Small pelagic fisheries. Conclusions. THE ASIAN-PACIFIC REGION FISHERIES. Background: Industrialization of fisheries in Asian-Pacific region. The South American-Caribbean region fisheries. The African region fisheries. Global Summary: Spatio-temporal trends in global fishing effort. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. REFERENCES.

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