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Towards ecosystem-based fishery management in New South Wales: Proceedings of the experts and data workshop, December 8 -10, 2003, Cronulla, Australia Forrest, Robyn E.; Scandol, James P.; Pitcher, Tony J.


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD. PREFACE AND EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. WORKSHOP PROGRAMME. SECTION 1. LINKS BETWEEN SCIENCE, MANAGEMENT AND MODELLING IN NEW SOUTH WALES AND REGION. Ecosystem based fisheries management and modelling the marine ecosystem of New South Wales: a background (Robyn E Forrest). Ecology and environmental assessment of fishing activities (Philip Gibbs). The role of ecosystem simulation in ecosystem based fisheries management (James P Scandol). Data support and modelling output for effective coastal zone management in NSW (David Rissik). CSIRO’s virtual oceans (Elizabeth A Fulton). Preliminary trophic models of the South East Fishery and North West Shelf (Catherine M Bulman). Pilot trophic model for Subantarctic water over the Southern Plateau, New Zealand: a low biomass, high transfer efficiency system (Janet Bradford-Grieve). Ecosystem management of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area: is it possible? (Neil A Gribble). SECTION 2A. FISHERIES OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Estuarine fish and fisheries in NSW: some considerations for ecosystem-based modelling and management (Charles A Gray). NSW estimates of fishing activity from the National Recreational Fishing Survey 2000-2001 (Dennis D Reid). SECTION 2B. MARINE ECOSYSTEM OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Estuarine structure, function and biodiversity (Robert J Williams). Some examples of large-scale movement and migration through the estuaries and inshore coastal zone of New South Wales by diadromous, estuarine and marine fishes, with special reference to the Australian longfinned eel, Anguilla reinhardtii (Bruce C Pease). Threatened species (David Pollard). Interactions between jellyfish and fisheries in New South Wales (Kylie A Pitt). Garfish (Hemiramphidae) in New South Wales, Australia: aspects of their distributions, fisheries, life histories and ecology (John Stewart). Role of syngnathids in shallow coastal ecosystems of southeastern Australia (Keith Martin-Smith). Blue groper (Bronwyn M Gillanders). Fishery-induced changes in abundance and size structure of demersal trawl fish species off New SouthWales (Kevin Rowling). Demersal diversity, diets and demise of deepwater dogsharks off New South Wales (Ken Graham). The diet of wobbegongs in NSW: preliminary results (Charlie Huveneers and Robert G Harcourt). Stomach contents of three common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) and a striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) collected off the coast of New South Wales (Robert G Harcourt, Joanne L van den Berg and Charlie Huveneers).

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