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A comparative assessment of biodiversity, fisheries, and aquaculture in 53 countries' Exclusive Economic Zones. Alder, Jackie; Pauly, Daniel


Director’s Foreword. Aggregate performance of countries in managing their EEZs (Jackie Alder and Daniel Pauly). Ranking maritime countries by the sustainability of their fisheries (Suzanne Mondoux, Tony Pitcher and Daniel Pauly). Using a mariculture sustainability index to rank countries’ performance (Pablo Trujillo). Adjusting for context in evaluating national fisheries statistics reporting systems (Daniel Pauly and Reg Watson). A framework for evaluating national seabird conservation efforts (Vasiliki S. Karpouzi and Daniel Pauly). The marine mammal protection index: ranking countries’ conservation performance (Wilf Swartz, Kristin Kaschner and Daniel Pauly). Preliminary estimates of national and global costs of marine protected areas (Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and Daniel Pauly).

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