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A comparative assessment of biodiversity, fisheries, and aquaculture in 53 countries' Exclusive Economic Zones. Alder, Jackie; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


Director’s Foreword. Aggregate performance of countries in managing their EEZs (Jackie Alder and Daniel Pauly). Ranking maritime countries by the sustainability of their fisheries (Suzanne Mondoux, Tony Pitcher and Daniel Pauly). Using a mariculture sustainability index to rank countries’ performance (Pablo Trujillo). Adjusting for context in evaluating national fisheries statistics reporting systems (Daniel Pauly and Reg Watson). A framework for evaluating national seabird conservation efforts (Vasiliki S. Karpouzi and Daniel Pauly). The marine mammal protection index: ranking countries’ conservation performance (Wilf Swartz, Kristin Kaschner and Daniel Pauly). Preliminary estimates of national and global costs of marine protected areas (Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and Daniel Pauly).

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