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Ecopath 25 years conference proceedings: Extended abstracts Palomares, M.L. Deng; Morissette, Lyne; Cisneros-Montemayor, Andres; Varkey, Divya; Coll, Marta; Piroddi, Chiara


FOREWORD. WELCOME NOTE. THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. ON BEING GREEN. PROGRAM: ORAL PRESENTATIONS. LIST OF POSTER PRESENTATIONS. KEYNOTE SPEAKERS. OPENING SESSION. The origins of Ecopath (Jeffrey Polovina). Ecopath: from the French Frigate Shoals to the Philippines and to UBC (Daniel Pauly). FISHERIES APPLICATIONS: ORAL PRESENTATIONS. Foraging arena theory (Carl J. Walters, Villy Christensen, Robert Ahrens). EcoTroph: a new tool in the EwE family (Didier Gascuel, Melen Leclerc, Audrey Valls, Sylvie Guénette). Exploring fisheries strategies for ecosystem-based management in the East China Sea (Jiang Hong, Cheng He Qin, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez). Ecological effect of moonjelly, Aurelia aurita, removal in the Sea of Suo-Nada, Seto Inland Sea, Japan (Shingo Watari, Hiromu Zenitani, Keisuke Yamamoto, Naoaki Kono). Capturing significant coral reef ecosystem and fishery changes in Bolinao, Philippines (1997-2008) using Ecopath with Ecosim (Rollan C. Geronimo, Porfirio M. Aliño). Fisheries in Baja California Sur: a trophic-based analysis of management scenarios (Andres M. Cisneros-Montemayor, Villy Christensen, Ussif Rashid Sumaila, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez). Impact of fishing and climate on the Celtic Sea and the Bay of Biscay (Sylvie Guénette, Didier Gascuel). FISHERIES APPLICATIONS: POSTER PRESENTATIONS. Recovery scenarios of a highly exploited species, Merluccius merluccius, in the NW Mediterranean Sea (Giovanni Vargiu, Marta Coll, Isabel Palomera, Sergi Tudela). On the transfer payment of the fishery fuel subsidies in China (Cheng He Qin, Jiang Hong). Vulnerability to fishing of the Central Gulf of California ecosystem (Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Luis A. Salcido-Guevara). Effects of local fisheries and ocean productivity on the Northeastern Ionian Sea ecosystem (Chiara Piroddi, Giovanni Bearzi, Villy Christensen). Trophodynamic modelling of the eastern shelf and slope of the South East Fishery (Catherine Bulman, Scott Condie, Neil Klaer, Dianne Furlani, Madeleine Cahill, Simon Goldsworthy, Ian Knuckey). The impacts of longline fishery on the pelagic ecosystem in the eastern Taiwan waters (Chien-Pang Chin, Chi-Lu Sun, Kwang-Ming Liu). Introducing ecosystem-based management in the Gulf of Thailand (Ratanawalee Poonsawat, Mala Supongpan, Villy Christensen). Trophic analysis of Lake Awassa (Ethiopia) using a mass-balanced Ecopath model (Tadesse Fetahi, Seyoum Mengistou). SPATIAL ANALYSIS: ORAL PRESENTATIONS. Ecospace: has its time come? (Steve Mackinson). Evaluation of the usefulness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for management of recovery of fish stocks and ecosystems in the North Sea (Georgi M. Daskalov, Steve Mackinson, Hong Q. Cheng, John K. Pinnegar). Modelling spatial closures and fishing effort restrictions in Jurien Bay, Western Australia: a case study of the western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) fishery (Hector M. Lozano-Montes, Russ Babcock, Neil R. Loneragan). A trophic model to simulate the combined effect of artisanal and recreational fisheries on a Mediterranean ecosystem: the Bonifacio Straits Natural Reserve (Corsica, France) (Camille Albouy, François Le Loc’h, Jean Michel Culioli, David Mouillot). Trophic modeling of a temperate marine ecosystem throughout marine reserve protection in New Zealand(Tyler D. Eddy, Jonathan P.A. Gardner). Estimating the carrying capacity of monk seals using the French Frigate Shoals Ecopath (Frank Parrish, George Antonelis, Evan Howell, Sara Iverson, Charles Littnan, James Parrish, Jeffrey Polovina). Exploration of ecological and economic benefits from implementation of marine protected areas in Raja Ampat, Indonesia (Divya Varkey, Cameron Ainsworth, Tony Pitcher). SPATIAL ANALYSIS: POSTER PRESENTATIONS. Habitat Suitability Model for the Bush Warbler (Cettia diphone) at Jeju Experimental Forests of Korea (Chan Ryul Park, Kim Eunmi, Chang Wan Kang, Sung Bae Lee). ECOSYSTEM COMPARISONS & NETWORK ANALYSIS: ORAL PRESENTATIONS. Comparing indicators of ecosystem change using ecological network analysis (Johanna J. Heymans, Maciej T. Tomczak, Thorsten Blenckner Susa Niiranen). Marine mammals – fisheries interactions: how to use Ecopath with Ecosim to capture ecological complexity (Lyne Morissette, Chiara Piroddi). A simple approach for enhancing ecological networks and energy budgets (namely Ecopath): please, let’s do some PREBAL before we start balancing (Jason S. Link). Impact of offshore windparks on ecosystem structure and flow patterns (Silvia Opitz, Hermann Lenhart, Wilhelm Windhorst). Comparison of trophic structures and key players for two periods in the continental shelf ecosystem of the central pacific of Mexico (Víctor Hugo Galván Piña, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Manuel Zetina Rejón, José Trinidad Nieto Navarro). Trophic flow structure of four overfished coastal ecosystems around the Philippines (Lualhati Lachica-Aliño, Laura T. David, Matthias Wolff). Relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in Mexican aquatic systems (J. Ernesto Arias-González, Luis G. Abarca, Javier Alcocer-Durán, José L. Cabrera, Luis E. Calderón-Aguilera, Xavier Chiappa-Carrara, Villy Christensen, Amilcar Cupul-Magaña, Jonathan Franco-López, Horacio Pérez-España, Verónica Morales-Zárate, Fabián A. Rodriguez-Zaragoza, Candy Sansores, Juan J. Schmitter-Soto). ECOSYSTEM COMPARISONS & NETWORK ANALYSIS: POSTER PRESENTATIONS. Metabolism of aquatic ecosystems (Luis Salcido-Guevara, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez). A fish chain analysis of Northern Gulf cod recovery options: exploring EwE modeling approaches for policy scenarios (Ahmed Khan). Ecosystem structure and functional traits of the Northern Aegean Sea (E. Mediterranean, Greece) (Konstantinos Tsagarakis, Marta Coll, Marianna Giannoulaki, Costas Papakonstantinou, Athanassios Machias, Argyris Kallianiotis). CLIMATE IMPACT EVALUATION: ORAL PRESENTATIONS. Ecoworld: EwE one link in global systems model (Elizabeth A. Fulton). Experiences in integrating physical-biogeochemical processes into food web dynamics with EwE (Simone Libralato, Cosimo Solidoro). Ecological interactions within marine ecosystems determine winners and losers under climate change (Christopher J. Brown, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Alistair J. Hobday, Richard Matear, Hugh Possingham, Catherine Bulman, Villy Christensen, Robyn Forrest, Peter Gehrke, Neil Gribble, Shane P. Griffiths, Hector M. Lozano- Montes, Julie Martin, Sarah Metcalf, Thomas A. Okey, Reg Watson, Anthony J. Richardson). Ecological effects of fishing and climate change on the pelagic ecosystem off eastern Australia (Shane P. Griffiths, Jock W. Young, Matt J. Lansdell, Robert A. Campbell). Ecosystem effects of climate change in the Antarctic Peninsula (Carie Hoover). On the use of both unconventional and traditional time series data in constructing dynamic models of a marine ecosystem (David Preikshot, Richard Beamish, Ruston Sweeting, Chrys-Ellen M. Neville, Krista Lange). Development of an ecosystem model for Galveston Bay: evaluating the influence of freshwater inflows, nutrient inputs and fisheries (Glen Sutton, George Guillen). Structure of two high latitude Norwegian fjord ecosystems analysed using Ecopath (Torstein Pedersen, Einar M. Nilssen, Marianne Nilsen, Lyne Morissette, Anita Maurstad). CLIMATE IMPACT EVALUATION: POSTER PRESENTATIONS.Mechanisms affecting recovery in an upwelling food web: the case of the southern Humboldt (Sergio Neira, Coleen Moloney, Philippe Cury, Cristia Mullon, Villy Christensen). Spatial and temporal trophic dynamics of terrestrial arctic ecosystems (Pierre Legagneux, Gilles Gauthier, Charles J. Krebs). IMPLEMENTING ECOSYSTEM-BASED MANAGEMENT: ORAL PRESENTATIONS. How can EwE assist us in implementing ecosystem-based fisheries management? Drawing from the South African experience.(Lynne J. Shannon, Astrid Jarre, Kate E. Watermeyer). Ecosystem approach to the mutispecies fishery in the south-austral zone of Chile (Sergio Neira, Hugo Arancibia, Steve Mackinson, Mónica Barros). Trade-offs between conservation and socio-economic objectives in managing a tropical marine ecosystem (William W.L. Cheung, Ussif Rashid Sumaila). Supporting ecosystem based management on the west coast of Vancouver Island (Maria Espinosa, Edward Gregr, Villy Christensen, Kai Chan).Progress in ranking species importance in whole biological communities using food web models (Thomas A. Okey, Ferenc Jordán, Simone Libralato, Barbara Bauer). Using ecological thresholds to inform targets for marine ecosystem-based management (Jameal F. Samhouri, Phillip S. Levin, Cameron H. Ainsworth). Poaching/preservation: the case of the Meru National Park, Kenya (Maria C. Villanueva, Mark Jenkins, Jacques Moreau). Using Ecopath with Ecosim and local ecological knowledge to examine conflicts between artisanal and indsutrial fisheries in the Red Sea (Dawit Tesfamichael). IMPLEMENTING ECOSYSTEM-BASED MANAGEMENT: POSTER PRESENTATIONS. Restoration of Chelonia mydas population in the Caribbean: ecosystem impacts resulting from reduction of seagrass habitat complexity (Colette C. Wabnitz, Karen A. Bjorndal, Alan B. Bolten, Villy Christensen, Daniel Pauly). Modelling marine food webs in the Mediterranean Sea (Marta Coll, Simone Libralato). A preliminary model of the San Francisco Estuary ecosystem (Howard Townsend, Marissa Bauer, Larry Brown). ECOPATH WITH ECOSIM AND BEYOND: ORAL PRESENTATIONS. Use of EwE outputs to investigate attributes of trophic networks of aquatic ecosystems relevant to fisheries management (Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez). EwE6: interoperability usage, capabilities, technology, structure and beyond.(Sherman Lai, Jeroen Steenbeek, Joe Buszowski). A global map of the relative impact of fishing on the biomass of marine ecosystems from 1950 to 2004 (Laura Tremblay-Boyer, Didier Gascuel, Daniel Pauly). Dynamic linking of Ecosim and the GOTM biogeochemical model using plugins (Jonathan A. Beecham, Steve Mackinson, John Aldridge). Chesapeake Bay fisheries ecosystem model: computer-generated graphics for creating a gaming experience with ecosystem data and management (Villy Christensen, Sherman Lai, Howard Townsend). MINOE: open source tool to navigate ocean governance in the context of a user-defined ecosystem (Julia A Ekstrom). Revealing changes in fish community at ecosystem level: use of trophic modelling and topological analysis (Manuel Zetina Rejón, José T. Nieto-Navarro, Julia Ramos-Miranda, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Domingo Flores-Hernández). Using Ecopath with Ecosim to explore nekton community responses to freshwater input from a Mississippi River diversion in Breton Sound, Louisiana (Kim K. de Mutsert, Carl J. Walters, Brian B. M. Roth, James H. Cowan Jr). ECOPATH WITH ECOSIM AND BEYOND: POSTER PRESENTATIONS. Using true GIS data with Ecospace (Jeroen Steenbeek, Villy Christensen). Production and consumption in Ecopath models: a global overview (Chiara Piroddi, Divya Varkey, Lyne Morissette, Villy Christensen). Main drivers of marine resources and food-web changes in the Mediterranean Sea (Marta Coll, Chiara Piroddi, Isabel Palomera, Enrico Arneri, Villy Christensen). A preliminary model of coastal resources of the Pantagonian marine ecosystem (Sebastián Villasante, Maria do Carme García-Negro, G. Rodríguez Rodríguez, Maria C. Villanueva, Villy Christensen, Ussif Rashid Sumaila). Exploring novel metrics of ecosystem overfishing using energy budget model outputs (Jason S. Link, Fabio Pranovi, Marta Coll, Simone Libralato, Villy Christensen, Christopher M. Legault). Why Not Ecopath for terrestrial ecosystems? (M.L. Deng Palomares, Nicolas Bailly, Daniel Pauly). CLOSING SESSION.The future of Ecopath (Villy Christensen). LOGISTICS.INDEX OF AUTHORS. ADDENDUM. Elucidation of ecosystem attributes using Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE): application to an oligotrophic lake in Hokkaido, Japan (Md. Monir Hossain, Takashi Matsuishi, George Arhonditsis). NOTES.

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