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Eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus): past and present Moody, Megan Felicity; Pitcher, Tony J.


Director’s foreword. Abstract. Introduction. A review of historical eulachon fisheries. Estimating historical catches of the Nuxalk Nation eulachon fishery. Reconstructing abundance of eulachon throughout its geographic range using a fuzzy expert system. Assessing the impacts on eulachon populations. Discussion, conclusions and acknowledgments. Appendix 1: Sources of eulachon catch, CPUE, fishing effort and run strength for the Nass River. Appendix 2: Copy of the UBC Research Ethics Board Certificate of Approval. Appendix 3: Letter sent to Nuxalk community members requesting participation in 2006 interviews. Appendix 4: Consent forms signed by Nuxalk community participants for the 2006 Nuxalk interviews. Appendix 5: N6 categories used to organize 2006 Nuxalk interview data. Appendix 6: Results from the eulachon grease model including original data. Appendix 7: Sources of data collected from each eulachon system. Appendix 8: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code for the fuzzy expert system used to estimate 15 eulachon systems’ annual abundance status. Appendix 9: Results from correlation analysis.

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