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Sepsis guidelines : suggestions to improve adherence Kissoon, Niranjan


The context in which a sepsis guideline is to be used is important and to a large extent determines whether it will be implemented successfully. Factors such as lack of time and resources, lack of reimbursement and organizational constraints may also preclude adoption of guidelines. Thus, sepsis guidelines have been adapted to suit the resources in both resource rich and poor regions of the world. However, even when resources are present, physicians’ may not follow guidelines due a myriad of reasons including a lack of agreement with the sepsis guideline or with guidelines in general, as well as lack of motivation and expectancy of the desired outcomes. A holistic approach is necessary to address all issues that may be impediments to guideline adoption and adherence. This approach would include a rigorous transparent method to craft the guideline which includes both clinicians and policy makers and addresses cultural and resource issues.

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