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The Canadian health care system : a King's Fund interrogatory Evans, Robert G., 1942-


In 1988, the King's Fund Institute in London initiated a project to study patterns of health care finance and delivery in several of the major industrialized countries. The project involved the preparation of a standard set of questions about system organizaton, which was sent to a health care specialist in each country who had agreed to participate in the project. The answers to these common questions (the "Background Data Set") were then assembled by staff at the King's Fund Institute, and the resulting report, Health Check: An International Comparative Study, by C. Ham, R. Robinson and M. Benzeval, will be published by the Institute in 1990. The questions posed by the King's Fund staff are quite comprehensive, and cover most of the issues which interest external observers of different countries' health care systems. Accordingly, it seemed likely that there might be a wider audience for the relatively compact description of the Canadian health care system represented by the answers to those questions. We are thus issuing the questions and answers as a Discussion Paper distributed by the UBC Health Policy Research Unit, although it is not clear whether they might also deserve publication independently of the King's Fund synthesis.

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