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Why not user charges? : the real issues Stoddart, Gregory Lloyd, 1948-; Barer, M. L.; Evans, Robert G., 1942-; Bhatia, Vandna


This is one in a series of articles by the authors about the ongoing debate over user charges in the Canadian health care system. In this paper we examine some of the most frequently heard arguments for user charges and look at what evidence there is for claims and counter-claims that are often made. Because statements in the "popular" debate sometimes seem inconsistent with each other, or unrelated to or at odds with the facts, we explore the statements more carefully, asking what they really mean, what values they are based on, and what fundamental issues are at the heart of the user charge controversy. The paper is intended for a wide general audience and assumes that most readers will have heard - or perhaps made - the arguments described, but will have little detailed or technical knowledge of the issues involved.

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