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Who are the zombie masters, and what do they want? Evans, Robert G., 1942-; Barer, M. L.; Stoddart, Gregory Lloyd, 1948-; Bhatia, Vandna


This is one in a series of articles by the authors about the ongoing debate over user charges in the Canadian health care system. In this paper we examine the "zombie-masters", those people and organizations who have consistently revived and promoted the idea that user charges will help meet a number of important social policy objectives, despite the fact that such charges have been repeatedly rejected by policy-makers and the general public (and the claims of their supporters refuted by analyses of the effects of such charges). We attempt to analyze their behaviour and motivations; in so doing, we identify a number of distinct groups and find that they seem motivated largely by the expectation that they, or the people they represent, will benefit in some way from the (re-) introduction of user charges.

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