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The remarkable tenacity of user charges : a concise history of the participation, positions, and rationales of Canadian interest groups in the debate over "direct patient participation" in health care financing Barer, M. L.; Bhatia, Vandna; Stoddart, Greg L.; Evans, Robert G.


This is one in a series of articles by the authors about the ongoing debate over user charges in the Canadian health care system. In this paper we document the history of the user charge debate in Canada. The participation, positions and rationales of Canadian interest groups in debates over patient participation in health care financing are traced over the past half-century, with a particular emphasis on a small number of events in Canadian (and particularly Ontario) health care policy history during which the user charge debate was particularly heated. Our interest here is in who the key organizational players have been, what rationales have been used to underpin positions on the issue, and whether those rationales have changed over time, collectively, and for individual organizations.

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