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Who are the primary health care registered nurses in British Columbia? Wong, Sabrina T.; Watson, Diane E.; Young, Ella; Mooney, Dawn; MacLeod, Martha


In order to illustrate the kind of work PHC-R nurses undertake, this report includes three vignettes drawn from 24 in-depth interviews collected in the study, The Nature of Nursing Practice in Rural and Remote Canada. The vignettes reveal that RNs are involved in core activities of PHC, suggesting that RNs are part of a PHC network that patients depend upon in order to meet their health needs. While this report does utilize new concepts to categorize CRNBC data, current PHC policy and planning activities require more up-to-date and more detailed information. There is still much to learn about the health of British Columbians and the PHC system, and much work to be done to improve the administrative data infrastructure that can inform PHC planning and evaluation in the province.

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