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Genetic testing : help, hope or hype : proceedings of the 15th Annual Health Policy Conference of the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, November 8, 2002 Baird, Patricia A.; Williams-Jones, Bryn


The rapidly increasing numbers of genetic tests—generated in part by the identification of genes through the Human Genome Project, along with their patenting and commercialization by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies—means there are key ethical, legal, and policy questions to be examined and their policy implications assessed by academics, policy-makers and practitioners. For example: • When are genetic tests indicated (and which type)? Who should pay for them? Whom should they be offered to? • Who should have access to the results? What are the equity implications for access to services? • What are the effects on the sustainability of the health care system? What are the effects on social justice of private markets for testing? These and other related questions were explored during the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research 2002 conference, “Genetic Testing: Help, Hope or Hype?”

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