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Deliquescence and crystallization of ammonium sulfate-glutaric acid and sodium chloride-glutaric acid particles. Parsons, Matthew T.; Fok, Abel; Pant, Atul; Bertram, Allan K.; Mak, Jackson


In the following, we report the deliquescence relative humidities (DRH) and crystallization relative humidities (CRH) of mixed inorganic‐organic particles, specifically ammonium sulfate‐glutaric acid and sodium chloride‐glutaric acid particles. Knowledge of the DRH and CRH of mixed inorganic‐organic particles is crucial for predicting the role of aerosol particles in the atmosphere. Our DRH results are in good agreement with previous measurements, but our CRH results are significantly lower than some of the previous measurements reported in the literature. Our studies show that the DRH and CRH of ammonium sulfate and sodium chloride only decreased slightly when the mole fraction of the acid was less than 0.4. If other organics in the atmosphere behave in a similar manner, then the DRH and CRH of mixed inorganic‐organic atmospheric particles will only be slightly less than the DRH and CRH of pure inorganic particles when the organic mole fraction is less than 0.4. Our results also show that if the particles contain a significant amount of organics (mole fraction > 0.5) the crystallization relative humidity decreases significantly and the particles are more likely to remain in the liquid state. Further work is needed to determine if other organics species of atmospheric importance have a similar effect. An edited version of this paper was published by AGU. Copyright 2004 American Geophysical Union.

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