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The Crescent Beach site and the place of the Locarno Beach phase / edited by R.G. Matson Matson, R. G. (Richard Ghia), 1944-


Chapter 1: Introduction, R.G. Matson and H. Pratt. Chapter 2: The Crescent Beach site: location and previous investigations, H. Pratt and R.G. Matson. Chapter 3: Excavations in 1989 and 1990 at Crescent Beach, H. Pratt and R.G. Matson. Chapter 4: Stratigraphy and chronology, R.G. Matson. Chapter 5: Crescent Beach artifact classification, H. Pratt, Brian Thom, Lisa Rankin. Chapter 6: Faunal analysis, Susan Crockford, Rebecca Wigen, Lisa Rankin, R.G. Matson. Chapter 7: Crescent Beach human remains, 1989-1990, Jerome S. Cybulski. Chapter 8: Features, R.G. Matson. Chapter 9: Cultural components, R.G. Matson. Chapter 10: Reanalysis of Borden Locarno Beach components, H. Pratt, Brian Thom. Chapter 11: Labrets and teeth on the Northwest Coast, Jerome S. Cybulski. Chapter 12: The place of the Locarno Beach culture in the development of the ethnographic Northwest Coast cultures, R.G. Matson.

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