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Appendices for "Athapaskan migrations: the archaeology of Eagle Lake, British Columbia" Matson, R. G. (Richard Ghia), 1944-; Magne, Martin Paul Robert


Appendix I: Artifacts and fauna. Appendix II: Subsidiary survey and testing, R.G. Matson. Appendix III: Analysis of Eagle Lake flotation samples, Elizabeth Radomski. Appendix IV: Field recording forms for Eagle Lake and Taseko. Appendix V: Data tables and figures. Appendix VI: Tree ring dating of Eagle Lake archaeological samples, Marion L. Parker (Edited by R.G. Matson). See also: Athapaskan migrations: the archaeology of Eagle Lake, British Columbia, by R.G. Matson and Martin P.R. Magne. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, c2007. Available in UBC Library: http://resolve.library.ubc.ca/cgi-bin/catsearch?bid=3755446

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