World Sanskrit Conference (WSC) (17th : 2018)

Modern Sanskrit Poetry in Global Perspective Sharma, Hari Dutt


In the modern age, the stream of Sanskrit poetry is flowing with a galaxy of new trends and tendencies. The multi-colored face of the Maid with fresh emotions is now remarkably visible. The sphere of this poetry is not limited to the soil of India, but it has crossed the border and spread widely in the world. A great variety of pictures of different countries are visible in it. This type of foreign-oriented poetry emerged in Sanskrit in the later half of the twentieth century, when Sanskrit scholars gifted with poetic genius happened to visit several foreign countries under various academic and cultural programs. They expressed their heartfelt experiences and elaborated on the position of Sanskrit, institutions and scholars in the countries they visited, along with the cultural environment, airplane travel, landscapes, urban spaces, and other sights. The poetry is replete with the cultural and literary journey of the poet. Among the main masterpieces of this type are: Germany-yātrā-varṇanam, Swiss-deśe prakṛti-varṇanam, Śarmaṇyadeśaḥ sutarām vibhāti, Thāi-deśa-vilāsam, Bhūloka-vilokanam, Ruṣiyā-śatakam, Bhāti Maurīśasam, Bālī-pratyabhijñāna-śatakam, Bālī-vilāsam, Rasapriyā Paris-rājadhānī, Amerikā, Amerikā-vaibhavam, Vaideśikāṭanam, Śarmaṇyāḥ prācyavidaḥ, Deśadigvarṇana-mahākāvyam, etc. The countries mainly covered by the poets are Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, America, England, Holland, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Mauritius, etc. On the lines of such poems there arose series of poems containing international consciousness and modern ideologies. The kāvyas like Lenināmṛtam, Lenin-kusumāñjaliḥ, Karl-Marx-śatakam, Patra-dūtam, Maxim-Gorkī-Pañcaśatī, Kristu-bhāgavatam, etc., and a number of pieces of poems fall in this category. A large part of the world and global ideas are covered by these poets in their compositions, which show peculiar trend of modernism in Sanskrit poetry.

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