World Sanskrit Conference (WSC) (17th : 2018)

French Grammars of Sanskrit and Word-Class Systems Aussant, Émilie


French grammars of Sanskrit—and, more broadly, Western grammars of Sanskrit— bring two different languages face to face (Sanskrit and French) but also two different descriptive models as well as two different metalanguages, both resulting from secular practices and thinking. Given this framework, two questions arise which constitute the main lines of thought which underlie the reflection within which the present study falls: how have French grammars of Sanskrit navigated between these two descriptive models and metalanguages, while at the same time dealing with word classifications? And what does this tell us about “Extended Sanskrit Grammar”? To answer both these questions, a very brief overview of word classifications elaborated by ancient Indian scholars for Sanskrit is given as a first step; then, as a second step, a synthesis of the various configurations one finds in French grammars of Sanskrit with concrete illustrations is presented.

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