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Bridging clinical practice and research in the hospital setting: Exploring the endless possibilities Lauck, Sandra


As a practice discipline with an emerging research tradition, nursing is challenged to remain grounded in the clinical setting while building means to contribute to scientific evidence. The creation of new knowledge does not on its own lead to widespread implementation and impact on health outcomes. The hospital setting presents multiple opportunities for researchers to engage in projects amenable to rapid knowledge translation, by addressing issues ranging from innovations in practice, care processes to outcome measurement. This presentation will explore the opportunities and challenges of bridging clinical practice and research in the hospital setting by engaging in a dynamic and iterative process to promote research dissemination and exchange. I will explore how a research question that originated from a nursing staff meeting in a cardiology centre was developed into a Master’s thesis project, and how the findings were translated into changes in clinical practice. Other examples will include research projects aimed at informing the development of clinical practice guidelines for survivors of sudden cardiac death, incorporating the measurement of neurocognitive outcomes and quality of life in frail elderly patients undergoing innovative cardiac procedures, and highlighting patient-reported outcomes in cardiac device care. By discussing the mechanisms that facilitate the transfer of knowledge “from thesis to bedside”, I will highlight opportunities and recommendations to integrate knowledge translation by identifying questions of interest to stakeholders, adapting knowledge development to the local context, assessing and addressing the potential barriers to knowledge use, selecting, tailoring and implementing interventions, and sustaining knowledge use. This presentation will invite debate on how to optimize the rapid impact of research on patient care.

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