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Planning for knowledge exchange in a study of the safety-related experiences of parents of children with disabilities and chronic conditions van Dooren, Sylvia; Olsen, Lise


This study, currently in progress, aims to develop grounded theory and understanding about how parents experience and manage safety and injury prevention issues for a child with a disability or chronic condition. The study is being conducted with a multidisciplinary project team, consisting of injury prevention and clinician researchers. Data collection will include semi-structured interviews and the estimated sample size will be 25-30 parents. We are presently in the early phases of recruiting parents for interviews. In our presentation, we will share our plans for knowledge exchange activities. These include taking an end of grant approach and using interactive and tailored dissemination activities with clinicians. At this time, we are at the knowledge creation stage within the knowledge to action process as described by Graham et al. (2006). Following this, we expect to develop knowledge tools and products that will be taken through the action cycle or application stage. Discussion issues will be raised including how best to: develop messages based on a single study, manage end-user expectations about the content and framing of messages, and involve clinicians in the development of dissemination messages and activities.

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