Tailings and Mine Waste Conference

Procedures for estimating seismic permanent displacements on tailings storage facilities and mine waste dumps Pérez, Keith; Tapia, Eder; Reyes, Andrés; Ayala, Renzo


The use of pseudo-static procedures for assessing seismic slope stability analysis of a tailings storage facility (TSF) and a mine waste dump (MWD) is a common practice in geotechnical engineering; however, new methodologies have emerged for the calculation of seismic induced permanent displacements of earth structures, which is considered a more reliable approach compared to the calculation of a factor of safety (FOS) obtained by the pseudo-static procedure. The authors have studied the application of several methodologies to assess the seismic stability of TSF and MWD based on two case studies. One-dimensional (1D) nonlinear seismic response and slope stability analyses were performed as part of these applications. Cyclic laboratory tests on coarse tailings and mine waste were performed to evaluate their dynamic properties and were compared to current state-of-practice literature curves. The resulting displacements using these procedures proved, in general, to be similar. This research suggests that the seismic analysis should be less focused on the pseudo-static FOS as a parameter to predict the seismic stability of TSF and MWD, unless a rational criterion is chosen for the determination of the seismic coefficient.

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