Tailings and Mine Waste Conference

Improvement of geotechnical and environmental conditions of mine taillings facilities by pre-fabricated vertical drains and jet grouting Hill, Jeffrey R., 1979-; Kolz, Joshua; Gerondale, Adam; Fisher, Dylan


Ground Improvement provides solutions for a variety of geotechnical and environmental issues faced by operators of mine tailings facilities. Typical challenges include: excess fluid waste that does not decant water naturally due to fines content, dam instability and excessive settlement, leaking beneath dams, and the inability of operators to cap existing tailings facilities. Another concern may be the inability to place solid material and vegetation on top of the pond during the reclamation phase. There are a variety of proven ground improvement techniques that can be utilized to solve each of the issues above. This paper will present two case histories describing the use of ground improvement (wick drains and jet grouting) to improve tailings facilities.

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