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Design of the Eldorado Gold Efemçukuru filtered tailings facility Kwan, Karvin; Dawson, Richard; Boese, Calvin; Churcher, Dale


Eldorado’s Efemçukuru Project incorporates the design of a filtered tailings facility to store 1 million cubic metres of dry stack filtered tailings in a high seismicity region of Western Turkey. Compared to conventional tailings technologies, dry stack filtered tailings have many advantages in terms of lowering long-term environmental liability/impacts (for example through decreased potential seepage, minimized storage footprints, and ease of progressive reclamation). An important design feature of this project is the incorporation of a fullylined base (HDPE/GCL double-liner) coupled with an underdrain system for seepage control at the base of the facility, as the tailings are potentially acid-generating. Increased structural integrity is achieved through compaction of tailings filter cake material in lifts, the construction of rock toe berms on the downstream side of the pile, and selection of a double-liner system that will provide sufficient frictional strength in this high seismic zone. The use of a filtered tailings and liner system in the Eldorado Gold Efemçukuru project provides added protection of groundwater resources and represents another step in tailings waste management and environmental stewardship in the industry.[All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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