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Slope stability model of the Questa rock pile : phase 1 Fredlund, Murray; Thode, Robert; Van Zyl, Dirk


The Goat Hill mine rock piles at the Questa Mine in New Mexico have experienced natural debris flow and deep seated movement requiring mitigation measures be designed and implemented. This paper describes the slope stability modeling completed using the SVSlope finite element slope stability software, as well as the method with which material parameters were determined. The relative impact of parameters such as slip surface depth, friction angle, cohesion and Poisson’s ratio were also examined. It was found that shallow failures will most likely be caused by changes in the matric suction due to rainfall events. Deeper slip surfaces required a corresponding increase in cohesion. The angle of internal friction of the layers is deemed to be the determining factor in any slope stability analysis. [All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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