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Diavik waste rock project : thermal transport in a covered waste rock test pile Pham, Nam; Sego, David; Blowes, David; Amos, Richard; Smith, Leslie


Covers are widely used in the management of mine tailings and waste rock and most current cover designs and constructions are in temperate regions. However in cold regions, certain features and processes are unique and they can be utilized to reduce the production of acid rock drainage (ARD). An field study of the thermal behaviour of an experimental covered waste rock pile in a continuous permafrost region is presented. The results indicate that a till unit within the cover remains at sub zero temperatures. The study found that the mean annual heat flux at the base of the layer was significantly less than at the surface due heat retention in the cover and soil saturation levels. The ratio of net radiation to surface heat flux is high and this is common for bare soil surfaces.[All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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