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Design and construction of field-scale lysimeters for the evaluation of cover systems at the Antamina Mine, Peru Urrutia, Pablo; Wilson, Ward; Aranda, Celedonio; Peterson, Holly; Blackmore, Sharon; Sifuentes, Fabiola; Sanchez, Michael


Cover systems have been included as a closure and long-term planning strategy for the estimated 1,539 Mt of waste rock at the Antamina Mine (Peru). A research program was initiated by Antamina, Teck, and the University of British Columbia to determine the most suitable type of cover system for the waste rock dumps at Antamina. The climate regime at the mine site presents special challenges given its high elevation with high rainfall during summer periods, followed by low to negligible precipitation during winter months. The covers were constructed of native, low permeability materials and topsoil, with the aim to reduce net infiltration and oxygen entry to underlying waste rock. Runoff and infiltration through the covers systems is captured in 15 m x 15 m x 2.5 m lysimeters and directed to a water conveyance system to 10 tipping buckets that continuously monitor flow rate. Ten thermal conductivity sensors were installed to measure matric suction and weather instrumentation was installed to obtain site-specific precipitation and net radiation data. This paper presents a summary of the design, construction, and early flow observations for the four cover systems under evaluation.[All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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