Tailings and Mine Waste Conference

Tailings disposal options study for Sangan Iron Mine Project, Iran Rashidinejad, Farshad; Naraghi, Saeed


This paper is an overview of the tailings disposal options study for Sangan Iron Mine Project situated in north-eastern Iran. The first development phase of the project consists of two oerbodies, a primary crusher, crushed ore handling, stacking and a 2.6 mtpa concentrator plant. The total tailings of this phase is estimated to be 45 Mm³ and in accordance whit the original design, the tailings produced will be stored in three adjacent cells that will be located approximately 3 km southeast of the concentrator plant. The three cells will all roughly be the same size; each cell will store approximately 15 Mm³ of tailings. Each cell is constructed with a rock fill downstream retaining embankment in three stages. Based on this design, no water will be recovered from the tailings storage facility and this is a considerable shortcoming, because the mine site is situated in an arid climate and the only available source for raw water supply is Sangan plain aquifer that for long term is not reliable. This study shows that by applying the paste thickening technology, 0.87 Mm³ per annum of water can be recovered. [All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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