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Water recycling at processing plants in water scarce regions : a case study of thickener design for the Mansour Abad processing plant Behrouzi, Kourosh; Fard, Majid Vafaei; Raeiszadeh, Anahita; Faeghi nia, Aida


Due to the shortage of water sources and its critical consequences, the need for water recovery is of increasing importance. Mineral processing plants are generally water consuming although some wastewater can be recycled. The most common technique to recycle water is through thickening. Thickeners are built to concentrate the solids content of the pulp and clarify the overflow water. In this paper, two approaches are employed for the design of thickeners due to their use in the mining industry. First the Coe and Clevenger method was analysed and then the Fitch and Talmage method was evaluated. In the conditions that settling of solids is for clarifying purposes, counter current decantation may be used. In this paper the method of calculating the optimum thickener in type and size regarding economic factors was evaluated and a case study of thickener design for the Mansour Abad concentration plant is described. The thickener's area was estimated to be 4.7 m² with depth of 1.80 ±0.20 m. [All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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