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Responses of wheatgrass species to composite/consolidated oil sands tailings Wu, Shihong; Sego, Dave; Naeth, Anne; Wang, Bing


A greenhouse study was carried out to assess the responses of two wheatgrass species: Northern wheatgrass and Slender wheatgrass to composite/consolidated tailings (CT) discharged from Alberta oil sands mine. Plant emergence, early growth and survival of selected species directly seeded using 3 seeding techniques (6 treatments in this study) were monitored. The effect of fertilizer on seed emergence and early plant growth were assessed. Results showed that Northern wheatgrass and Slender wheatgrass survived in CT and performed well during this fifteen week experiment. Slender wheatgrass and Northern wheatgrass produced significant biomass and leaf area which could provide dewatering capacity. Slurry seeding and hydro-seeding with mulch techniques are applicable for early stage of reclamation of CT deposits.[All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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