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Filtered dry stacked tailings : the fundamentals Davies, Michael


Filtered tailings are becoming an increasingly common consideration for tailings management at many mines. There are more filtered dry stack tailings storage facilities than there are surface paste facilities yet the amount of guidance documentation on filtered tailings is virtually non-existent in compare to those same paste tailings facilities. The reason for this lack of guidance materials is uncertain but it has led to some unfortunate tailings management decisions based on misinformation about dry stacked tailings facilities in general. This paper provides practical guidelines for the design and development of filtered dry stack tailings facilities. These guidelines are based upon the successful conceptualization, design, and operating experience at a number of these facilities. Issues related to target moisture content, appropriate testing methods and criterion, geotechnical conditions and placement considerations are included. The guidelines include specific reference to “lessons learned” from existing operations that will benefit designers and owners alike. [All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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