British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

SnipGold and Tahltan Central Government collaboration on reclamation of the former Johnny Mountain Mine Miller, Elizabeth Fillatre; Hidber, Kevin; Chaplin, Jessy; Skurski, Mike; Murphy, R. Brent; Morin, Nalaine


Seabridge Gold purchased SnipGold Corp in 2016, which included Iskut Project located in Northwest British Columbia. In collaboration with Tahltan Nation, SnipGold is committed to reclaiming historic legacy and outstanding liabilities at Johnny Mountain Mine (JMM) located within Iskut Project, following approved Closure and Reclamation Plan. To date, SnipGold has invested over C$6 million on reclamation activities at JMM. In last four years, SnipGold has worked in partnership with Tahltan Central Government (TCG), Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) and Tahltan Heritage Resources Environmental Assessment Team (THREAT) in implementing a project execution plan and environmental risk assessment. SnipGold and Tahltan Nations have developed a framework for communications, environmental management, employment, contracting, and capacity to ensure Tahltan can continue to exercise their stewardship responsibilities and protect culturally sensitive areas. Since 2016, SnipGold and TCG have worked together to permit and construct an upgraded landfill to hold inert demolition waste from former mill structures, cleaned up historic landfill sites, closed underground vent raises and portals, cleaned and deconstructed fuel tank farm and cleaned out the mill building. Through open and transparent consultation processes, Seabridge Gold has received the support of Tahltan Nation and assurances about working in Tahltan territory and advancing natural resource projects.

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