British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Fording River Habitat Rehabilitation near the Concrete Arch Bridge Robinson, M. D.; Gaboury, M.; Sutherland, C.


Teck Coal retained the services of Lotic Environmental, MN Gaboury, and Kerr Wood Leidal to design the Fording River Habitat Rehabilitation near Concrete Arch Bridge offsetting measure required as part of Teck’s Line Creek Phase II mine extension fish habitat offsetting plan. The design team employed a natural channel design process to develop the rehabilitation design. This approach used regional relationships of channel morphology-vs-drainage area and channel metrics from undisturbed reaches as a natural template to identify channel metrics and processes assumed to be outside of what would be expected for a natural site. A design was developed with specific treatments to promote an accelerated recovery of habitat quality over time, allowing the river to repair itself. Channel width-to-depth ratio, percent pools, and woody debris abundance were key aspects targeted for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation treatments were completed in fall 2016 and included 27 instream jams and 103 bar top structures in 1,280 m of channel. Two meander bends were reconstructed, each with riffle structures to provide bed stability. Bioengineering was completed in spring 2019. Year 3 (2019) represented the first full post-construction effectiveness monitoring of habitat and fish use. Results suggest that the target habitat features were beginning to develop.

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