British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Mining reclamation 101 : acquisition to reclamation--former Johnny Mountain Mine case study Miller, Elizabeth Fillatre; Hidber, Kevin; Van Arem, Michael; Skurski, Mike; Murphy, R. Brent; Chaplin, Jessy


Seabridge Gold Inc. (Seabridge Gold) is a Canadian based resource exploration company. Seabridge purchased SnipGold Corp. (SnipGold) in 2016 that comprises the Iskut Project and 29,436 hectares (294 km2) of exploration potential in Northwest British Columbia’s famed Golden Triangle. Included in the transaction was the former Johnny Mountain Mine. Accessible via air only, the former Johnny Mountain Mine operated from 1989 to 1990 and briefly in 1993, is located at 1,000 MASL and has only three months of snow-free conditions. The acquisition of a junior exploration company containing an exploration portfolio of mineral properties with upside potential and with a former operating mine that had not been fully reclaimed, required careful deliberation and the completion of an extensive due diligence process to determine existing and future liabilities associated with the former operating mine. Historic infrastructure remaining following cessation of the Johnny Mountain Mine includes a 350TPD processing plant, fuel tank farm, an airstrip, 3.5 kms of underground workings, an 11.5 hectares tailings impoundment, waste rock dumps and several waste burial sites. SnipGold committed to reclaiming the historic legacy and outstanding liabilities, with the support of the Tahltan Nation over a multi-year timeline following the approved Closure and Reclamation Plan.

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