British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Assessing and optimizing microbial processes impacting mine reclamation Friesen, Vanessa; Haakensen, Monique


Microbes influence a wide range of processes, acting as catalysts to accelerate reactions or enable them to occur in a wider range of conditions. In the context of mine reclamation, many aspects are impacted by microbes and understanding their role is critical to making informed decisions, optimizing processes, and improving reclamation success. Examples of microbes affecting mine reclamation processes will be presented, including: passive- and semi-passive water treatment (including metals, metalloids, ammonia, nitrate, acid-rock drainage, heap leach detoxification), soil bioremediation, and revegetation. An overview of the tools currently being used at mines for microbial community profiling will be discussed, spanning from traditional growth-based techniques, through to modern day standardized genetic community profiling based on DNA-sequencing. This information will be provided in the context of how they have been used to guide and optimize mine reclamation strategies.

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