British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Development of international standards for mine reclamation management Steenhof, P. A.


A new international standards work program is underway through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop a series of international standards that will provide requirements and recommendations for mine reclamation management, with a focus on reducing the environmental risks, associated financial liabilities and environmental impacts of mining. Nine countries are actively participating in the standards development program, including all of the most significant mining countries in the world. CSA Group has helped organise a committee of Canadian stakeholders and experts from the Canadian mining industry, relevant government authorities, service providers, and academic researchers with the mandate to provide Canadian leadership and input into this international standards program. This article explains the international standards being developed for mine reclamation management with a focus on an international work item and international standard that Canada has proposed on the topic of mine reclamation management planning. The standard is intended as a crucial overarching document that will provide requirements or recommendations on the topic of mine reclamation management planning. The document will also help guide the development of related standards for the mine reclamation management process. The work item follows a lifecycle approach to mine reclamation management planning and recognises that planning for mine reclamation must take place throughout the lifecycle of the mine and not just at closure. This paper covers the main decision points and procedures that need to be considered in planning for mine reclamation, organised around the following topic areas: approaches to reclamation, reclamation technologies, reclamation activities, reclamation monitoring, financial provisions, and documentation and reporting. The objective is that the ensuing standard will help ensure consistency and completeness in terms of the mine reclamation planning process.

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