British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Enriching mine reclamation : highlights of the Brenda Mine biodiversity enhancement program Peatt, A.J.; Peatt, A.D.; Polster, D.; Lister, D.


Historically, restoration and reclamation science has focused on returning disturbed sites to some past condition. Finding this difficult, later efforts have focused on restoring habitat elements like vegetative cover, even when the species added are not native. Consistent with Xstrata Copper Canada’s corporate focus on biodiversity, this presentation describes a way of responding to these challenges highlighting a biodiversity enhancement project at Xstrata Copper Canada’s Brenda Mine, a closed site located near Peachland. Operations at Brenda ceased in 1990, and substantial reclamation was completed by 2000. Seeking a better understanding and protection for long term health, function and viability of the natural environment, a biodiversity assessment and conservation plan for the Brenda site was completed in 2009. This plan identified priorities for enhancement, and also described the species that might benefit from actions on the mine site. Moving to implement these recommendations and establish site monitoring approaches, this presentation reports on planting, site treatments, and direct wildlife enhancement techniques that have been initiated in the first year of this three year project. It also describes planned future actions including monitoring and other site enhancements designed to define benefits and challenges associated with site restoration and management of biodiversity at Brenda Mine.

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